Dr. Joseph Holman

Dr. Holman views health in a unique way unlike the majority of health professionals. After many years of studying the body, Dr. Holman has found that the body is perfectly designed to maintain and heal itself. It is mainly when there is something interfering with this self-healing ability that sickness and disease become an issue. Dr. Holman’s unique approach is that he focuses treatment on the proper function of the central nervous system to send and receive nerve messages to and from the body, not just the symptoms an individual may be expressing at the time.

Dr. Holman says, ‘When the nervous system is able to function properly, healing potential is increased in the body and people get better when other medical and healthcare approaches may commonly fail to get lasting results. This is mainly because many other treatments are based on symptoms, not proper function of the body.’ Dr. Holman’s approach to health along with proper nutrition and lifestyle choices allows his patients to see outstanding results. Along with being a health professional and leader in his community, Dr. Holman has a beautiful family at home. His wife Lindsay and son Finn keep him motivated to help as many families as possible in his office.

‘My vision is to create a community of happy, healthy individuals within my office that live fulfilled lives through healthy living.’ Dr. Holman says, ‘I want to help others live out their purpose and dreams by living a healthy life based on proper function of the body. I believe by doing this the majority of current diseases and health condition related deaths can be prevented which means more precious time with family and much less money spent in the long run.’

Dr. Holman’s previous experience working in Dallas and at the Tulsa Cancer Treatment Center of America has given him the opportunity to work with some of America’s best and brightest doctors and state of the art facilities. Since this time Dr. Holman has also been asked to be the chiropractor for NPC Battle of the Bodies and NPC Oklahoma Championships (Mr. Oklahoma National Qualifying Competition), the Tulsa Oilers hockey team, and also the National Volleyball League. Dr. Holman has also been invited to be part of and currently serves as a part of the Wellness Champions, a national organization of doctors and health experts that are endorsed by 3X Olympic Gold Medalist Misty May-Treanor to provide health education and wellness based healthcare. Dr. Holman’s experience has enabled him to give the best care possible to his patients, friends and family.

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